Dehydrator Delivered to Lackawanna College’s School of Petroleum & Natural Gas


A 35-feet-tall glycol dehydrator has a new home at Lackawanna College’s School of Petroleum & Natural Gas.

Williams provided the dehydrator as a gift to the school to help with training efforts. Williams has hired graduates from the School of Petroleum & Natural Gas every year since the program’s creation in 2009.

The School of Petroleum & Natural Gas offers an Associate of Science degrees in petroleum and natural gas technologies.

The unit at the college will be non-operational, but all the piping and other hardware needed to operate such a unit will be installed so students can see how an actual dehydrator works and become familiar with it.

Dehydrators similar to this one are found at natural gas compressor stations in the region.

A new dehydrator would cost between $80,000 and $100,000. In addition to the dehydrator, Williams provided $10,000 to cover the costs of acquiring and installing the necessary controllers, regulators, valves and piping.

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